Chadwick Cannon Agency Update

As many of you know, 18 months ago, I followed a passion and dream of mine to start my own business. In April 2015, I started Chadwick Cannon Agency with a handful of clients and it soon grew to many clients with many employees (all very amazing, I might add). This dream had become a reality and it was thriving until I began to reflect on one big question that was asked of me a few months ago. This question forced me to ask some really tough questions of myself and my priorities in life.

That question came from an event I attended where Judah Smith was talking about his upcoming book, How’s Your Soul?. He literally asked this question and started to unpack the difference between a healthy soul and an unhealthy soul. It was there that I was forced to be honest. My soul wasn’t well.

What I had come to realize is that I had placed my identity far too much in the agency and its  success. I love work and work is important to me, but it became obvious that my soul was not healthy and my priorities were not where I wanted them to be.

Some of you know that my wife Julie and I are very close to adopting a baby and growing our family after 5 years of infertility. Ultimately, my greatest desire in this season of life is to be a present husband and father. These two priorities have been the lens through which I have made a big decision–the one I share with you today–and I’m confident walking forward in that. I just melt at thinking about or seeing any image of a father and a son being close. I love my dad and he’s my biggest hero. More than anything, I want to be remembered as a good father and good husband rather than a successful entrepreneur or businessman when I die. I had to get real with myself and make a hard decision.

I had proven to myself that I could start and run a successful company while also building an incredible team that I loved doing work with on a daily basis. That said, I was losing sight of who I was and what my priorities in life were. Something needed to change. It was from that night moving forward that I began taking time to reassess my priorities and to be honest with where my life was, both personally and professionally.

From the outside looking in, everything was thriving: the agency, my marriage, friendships, family, etc., but personally I was treading water at best. I have been beyond blessed to have the hardest working team and to have served some amazing clients. It has been a joy to see it grow and to have the success it has had. In the midst of it all, however, I was growing tired mentally and reaching a capacity that started to wear on me.

All of this reflection, along with hours of prayer and counsel with others, has led me to the decision I’m sharing today. I’ve decided to shut down Chadwick Cannon Agency. We won’t be shutting our doors immediately, however we won’t be taking on any new clients moving forward. We will finish out our contracts that we are currently serving with our clients and will continue to do that to our best potential as we always have.

As with any transition in life, this one comes with mixed emotions. We truly have the best employees and have served alongside some of the very best clients. That’s been really hard because it’s caused unexpected, seismic shifts in their lives, which is hard for me to swallow. While this news is hard for me to share with each employee and client, I know it’s been harder for them to receive because of how unexpected and out of left field it was.

I have accepted a position as Chief Marketing Officer for Michael Hyatt & Company and will be stepping into this role in November. This role will allow me to focus all of my gifts and abilities on one client in a way that I’ve never experienced professionally.

In my past 18 months working closely with Michael and team, I’ve been beyond impressed the way they are dedicated to growing a successful business, but keeping margin for the most important things in life. I’m excited to be working for such an amazing company as theirs. I’m looking forward to joining such an innovative company that will still allow me to flex my entrepreneurial muscles inside their business.

It has truly been an honor the past year and a half to watch CCA grow and serve some amazing people. I will be forever grateful for how it has pushed me to grow and for the people that have been brought into my life. I’m beyond grateful for our team and the family they have become to Julie and me. They are solid gold people who have done some amazing work. If I were to start my business again tomorrow, I’d hire the exact team and go into the trenches again with them, all day everyday.

Also, this will be my last blog here for a while. I don’t know what I’ll do with this long-term, but the content that is here from the past 18 months will continue to be here. I may pick up the writing thing again, but for now I want to spend my energy focusing on ending well with our current clients and to focus on my new role with Michael Hyatt.

Thank you, readers, for being a part of this family as well–and for visiting this blog each week to consider, alongside my team, what it looks like to be curious and innovative in the world of book marketing. I wish you each the best.