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The Ultimate “Must-Dos” to Equip Your Influencers for Maximum Impact

Influencers are one of your greatest assets during a book launch. But you can’t just gather them; you have to equip them.

A message rarely gets trumpeted through the internet organically. It takes intention and strategy to empower those with the loudest voices.

A message rarely buzzes through the web organically. It takes strategy to empower the loudest voices. Click To Tweet

I’ve written before about best practices for authors to leverage the participation of influencers and endorsers, but I continue to see campaigns done poorly in this regard. There is unlimited potential in promotional power when you have a few key influential folks ready and waiting–so don’t squander it. Get maximum impact from your influencers by equipping them well.

Getting a “yes” from influencers is the easy part. Equipping them to actually “influence” is a whole different ball game.

Here are a few “must-do’s” to truly equip your influencers for maximum impact toward book sales.

1) Create a share page.

A share page is a website set up with the single purpose of equipping your influencers to share. It’s a webpage that houses everything those influential folks need to share: Twitter copy, Facebook copy, email copy, and more. Plus, it should have downloadable images of the book cover (provide 2D and 3D) and your author headshot. The best share pages even have shareable memes and have built in the “click to tweet” app, so that all the influencer has to do is click one time in order to share and promote. Instead of emailing lots of images and assorted files to influencers, they just need to know the share page URL. So simple, so easy.

2) Be explicit about dates.

Being vague never wins. I see too many authors wanting to make a “soft ask,” so as to not to seem demanding, and so they never actually ask. Be humble in the request, but explicit in the details. No one likes guessing what’s expected of them. Be up-front with your influencers about exactly what’s happening when, and they key is… when. Most influencers have promoted books and products before. They know what to do, but they don’t know when to do it unless you tell them. Be very clear in when your product is releasing and when their promotion would be most advantageous toward your goals.

3) Mix up your email swipe copy.

Swipe copy is ready-made promotional copy that your influencers can pop right into their email box to send to their lists. It’s your messaging that’s tested, strong, and target audience-tailored. I always suggest to authors, though, that they provide variable copy so it doesn’t feel canned. Offer up a few different options to each influencer so that each email is not the same, and so that a person can choose from a number of alternatives in order to tell your story.

4) Share the why.

We all want to be part of a bigger movement or community, don’t we? Your influencers do, too. For this reason, let the story behind your book be known, and let these folks see your “why.” There is a reason you wrote this book and an issue that you are passionate about, so let it be known. Tell the bigger story behind the product in order to get hearts on board, and tell the bigger strategy behind the promotion in order to show each influencer how he/she fits into the goal. Be succinct and value-driven (always!), but show sneak peeks of the backstory in order to give the influencer a full perspective and heart connection.

5) Follow up and make it easy.

People lack time. They just do. The hours in our days are immensely precious resources, and we are all just trying to steward them well. If an influencer said they’d promote the book, and then launch day rolls around and they didn’t tweet or email, follow up. It’s not a personal attack. They probably just forgot, or the day got crazy. A kind, direct follow-up email will only ever help, and most of the time, people are extremely grateful for it. With our time-crunched days in mind, though, make it easy, easy, easy. One URL, one click, and done.

Use your influencers. Most folks with loud voices on the internet want to use their platform for good. While making that initial, “Will you help me promote my book?” ask can be intimidating, it’s the following up and the equipping that take time and intention. Make a plan to do it strategically! It might be helpful to have someone on your team manage the influencer list and be the go-to person for equipping those folks. It’s a really essential part of any campaign, and the ripple effect of big-name promotion won’t happen without doing it well.

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  • John H. Putnam

    Love it. “Be humble in the request, but explicit in the details.” Bold and humble – a formidable combo – thanks Chad!

    • Thanks, John! Appreciate you man. Glad the post was helpful.

  • Talena Winters

    Hi, Chad. I’ve been following your blog for a little while and really enjoying your great content. This is an awesome post. Do you have a post somewhere about the best practices for finding and approaching influencers?