Four Ways to Boost Conversions On Your Landing Page

A book landing page carries a big responsibility: it represents your book to the entire internet world. It’s the face of your message to every potential consumer that stumbles across it.

And if you’re strategically driving traffic from every promotional medium toward your landing page, that’s a lot of potential consumers.

All too often, the problem is not getting people to your book landing page. The problem is getting people to buy the book once they visit the page. We call “the buy” a conversion in the marketing world. And the purpose of a book landing page is simply that: to convert.

First of all, if you’ve built a landing page, it’s important to know traffic data. Use Google Analytics or a similar tool to track how many visits a day you’re getting and where they’re coming from.

If far more people are visiting your page than are buying the book, there’s a conversion problem. A landing page alone will not convert, no matter how awesome the book is. The landing page itself has to be strong and effective. If yours is not performing the way you’d hope, consider the four items below.

These are four ways to easily boost conversions on your landing page.

1- Use video. I recently wrote a whole post about the power of video, but the short point is that it’s a powerful tool to hook attention and up engagement. It’s a “passive engagement medium” through which viewers experience your message without much effort. We as consumers are lazy; we expect entertainment; we often don’t put in the effort to read. It’s simply the truth–so respond accordingly with short, strategic video. Studies show that effective video on a landing page can up conversions by 80%.

2- Have a strong product image. This means a few keys things about the quality and placement of your book cover.

  • Place it above the fold.
  • Make it 3D.
  • Be sure it’s high res and the colors/images are crystal clear.
  • Ensure that the title and subtitle are legible.

People want to see what they’re buying before they buy it. Don’t make them guess. The clearest explanation you can give them is the cover image, and the quality of that image speaks to the quality of the book.

3- Create a compelling and clear value proposition. A value proposition (also called a value statement) is a single sentence that explains the unique benefit that a book or product will deliver. Every brand, service, and product should have one–including your book. Prominently include a single sentence–or a few if you must, but keep the language succinct–that tells the viewer exactly what value this book will bring to his/her life. Clarity wins. Clarity that hits on the true felt needs of your target audience and explains how the book will alleviate those pain points… that double wins.

4- Make buying super easy. This can be messy territory in the publishing world because a book landing page doesn’t usually sell the product directly; it sends traffic to a third party retailer (like Amazon or Barnes & Noble). True conversion means a sale through another site. When you have to explain this to a consumer–and also include every retailer link–it can be complex. And complexity drives buyers away. When people aren’t sure what to do, they leave. Make it easy and straightforward with a drop-down menu that includes retailer links and clear, concise messaging to explain: “Buy through your favorite retailer!”

The four conversion boosters above work because they all drive clarity. Think about it:

  • Video means people are more likely to hear and comprehend your messaging.
  • A high-quality 3D image means people see the book cover and quickly take in what the product is.
  • A value proposition provides clear information on what the book is and how it benefits whom.
  • Easy buying navigation means no confusion in the purchase process.

If it’s confusing or complex, consumers will leave the landing page. The X button looks really attractive when the product is unclear or the process is convoluted. If it’s crystal clear, they’re more likely to stay and engage with what you’ve created.

What’s easy wins. What’s clear wins. Let your landing page speak to these things. You’ll see a spike in sales if you create a spike in ease and clarity.

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A landing page is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing campaign, so you want to do it right! An awesome landing page means awesome book sales. I see too many authors making mistakes in this area, so I’m putting together a free webinar to help. Join me live on June 22 for 12 Essentials of an Effective Landing Page: Creating a Book Website that Wins. Sign up here and save your seat!