Top 20 Bloggers to Follow in 2016

When I sat down to make my goals for 2016, I committed to continual learning in very specific topic areas. As I’ve said here before, not only is constant learning key for truly innovative marketing, but it’s a must for opening our minds to the wisdom of others and becoming the best versions of ourselves.

There is a long list of books I plan to read this year, but just as influential to my learning are blogs. The blogosphere is a massive resource that was not available even twelve years ago. For Internet users to have access to the ideas and learnings of top thought leaders in every field is an immense privilege–one that’s just as valuable as reading a book or listening to a lecture.

There's a long list of books I plan to read this year, but just as influential to learning are blogs. Click To Tweet

My favorite part of blogs? The shorter length requires that each sentence and each paragraph pack a punch. You get free wisdom, in bite-sized chunks, with great consistency. It’s a learning tool that professionals a generation ago would have deemed impossible–and invaluable.

So, here’s a list of my top 20 bloggers to follow in 2016. Jump on in!


Digital Marketer – Ryan Deiss and his team offer the best resources out there for the technical aspects of digital marketing. If you’re looking for information on how to become a better marketer, eat up the resources shared here. Most people charge for this type of content; these guys give it away on a daily basis.

Gary Vaynerchuk – I wrote recently about the man crush I have on Gary. He’s always thinking ahead of the curve and will challenge you to think differently about marketing.

Jon Loomer – Jon has really found his niche with Facebook ads. I think he’s one of the best (if not the best!) at describing complex things in Facebook and distilling them down to simple steps. He only blogs a couple times a month, but when he does, the content is rich and full of valuable and actionable content.

Amy Porterfield – Amy’s blog is primarily her podcasts, which are pure gold.

Jeff Walker – After reading his book New York Times bestselling book Launch, I’ve become a huge fan of Jeff’s. I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with him for a work function and was even more blown away by his heart for people. He’s a marketing genius and phenomenal copywriter. His once-a-week videos are guaranteed to motivate and inspire. I highly recommend you check him out.

Contently (The Content Strategist) – This is the Ferrari of content development blogs. The depth of research that goes into everything they do is incredible. If I’m looking for a trusted voice on updated data in content marketing, I’ve found this to be my most trusted resource.

Joe Pulizzi – Joe is one of the most trusted voices on content marketing. He’s the founder of Content Marketing Institute and bestselling author of Epic Content Marketing. I constantly learn so much from his blog.

Ray Edwards – Ray’s blog is another one that has transformed to consist only of his podcasts. He’s one heck of a copywriter and while he touches on that on his podcast, it’s a collection of marketing, leadership, and life tips.

Paul Jarvis – Ok, so Paul doesn’t have the traditional blog. He emails you once a week with some of the top-notch content on the Internet. I love this format and look forward to his emails almost more than anyone else’s because of his marketing acumen and insights. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to his email list to get his amazing content delivered to your inbox.


Mike Shatzkin – Mike shares his insights about the future of book publishing in a raw way that I love. He’s seen the industry change in his 50 years of being involved, and is focused on helping publishers thrive in the digital age and beyond.

Rachelle Gardner – Rachelle is a very respected literary agent that isn’t afraid to talk about important things in the publishing industry. There are few literary agents that blog as actively as she does.

Jane Friedman – Jane has more than 20 years of book publishing experience and has lived to tell about it. Her insights into the current realities of publishing are fascinating. She’s a trusted voice that everyone who cares about publishing should be reading.


Michael Hyatt – I have been an avid reader of Michael’s from the beginning of his blog over 10 years ago. He’s become a good friend and even a client. Michael’s content continues to be some of the best on the web. I’ve learned more about leadership from his blog than almost anything else. – This online version of one of my favorite magazines is stellar. The articles they share online are essential for your leadership toolbox.

99u – The content on 99u is phenomenal. They originally started to reach the creative community, but they’ve branched out well beyond that in recent months. The design alone should have you viewing this blog regularly.

Seth Godin – A list isn’t complete without including the Godfather of blogging. His nuggets of wisdom are second to none. They’re short, but punchy. He’s a must read!

Dale Partridge (Startup Camp) – Dale is a successful entrepreneur who’s helping hundreds of other entrepreneurs launch successful businesses. His content about leadership is phenomenal.


Tsh Oxenreider (The Art of Simple) – Tsh is one of the most brilliant writers I’ve ever read. She focuses on living simply, which is a massive challenge for me. Her blog and podcast are treasures of mine. I had the pleasure of working with her on her most recent book, and I can’t wait for her upcoming book.

Fierce Marriage – Marriage is something to be protected and fought for. My good friends Ryan and Selena started this blog a few years ago, and it has absolutely exploded. The content is awesome, and their hearts for people and marriage come across in everything they do.

Ally Vesterfelt – Ally’s writing voice is unlike any other. Her most recent blog on new beginnings is phenomenal. She is raw and willing to share the deepest parts of herself in order to help others.

If you have blogs that you love, I’d like to check them out too! Will you tweet at me (@ccannon) with your best blogger suggestions?


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  • One more marketing blog that is a must follow — truly, IMO, the content is even more comprehensive and spot-on than Digital Marketer (which you know is extremely high praise from me): Quick Sprout. Neil Patel runs it, and he is actually a close friend of the Digital Marketer team. It’s the best information I’ve seen, albeit very “commerce”-oriented. And completely free.

    • Nate, thanks so much for sharing. I’m familiar with Neil, but have never read his blog. I just checked him out and love his post from yesterday. It’s so true! Thanks again for sharing.