2016: My Best Year Ever—Will It Be Yours?

Believe it or not, my most memorable day of the holiday season wasn’t Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day.

It was a regular ol’ day in December.

It was a day that set the tone for all the days to come this year.

My wife, Julie, and I had scheduled out an entire day to reflect, to dream, and ultimately to set awesome goals for 2016.

We settled in and began by remembering together. We thought about the past year and all the peaks and valleys, learnings and joys it’s held.

It was so powerful to together celebrate the victory of starting a small business in April–the culmination of almost a decade of dreaming about entrepreneurship. We reflected on the growth we’ve seen in the months since: a handful of top-notch clients, a rapidly growing team, a killer office space, a revenue flow I never would have dreamed of so early, and the freedom to get to travel and play and lead as I’ve always wanted to.

And that reflection fueled our goal-setting. The past can give invaluable momentum to the future, if we let it.

I’m really excited about the goals that Julie and I set–both together and separately, both personally and professionally.

And over the course of the day, I learned three big things about goal-setting.

1- Set aside the time. Our dreaming and processing led to 12+ strong and audacious goals (on paper, because when ideas hit paper is where the magic happens!) because we were focused. There was no rush because we had all day. There were no distractions because we were unplugged. There was no self-consciousness in naming big dreams because there was no one else around–just us. The day was set aside to be spacious, distraction-free, and safe.

2- Do goal-setting with a partner. There was immense power in setting goals alongside Julie. Sure, a partner brings in accountability, which is awesome–but even more so, a partner drives you to set wider, deeper, smarter goals because he/she offers a sounding board and serves as a co-dreamer. It doesn’t have to be a spouse. Set goals with a close friend, a mentor, or a colleague. Find someone invested in your life who can push you and process alongside you.

3- Follow a proven framework. I knew this year I needed a process and a guide for setting goals. I’d heard of Michael Hyatt’s program called “Best Year Ever,” so that’s what Julie and I used as our framework for the day. His counsel is powerful because it takes you beyond loosey goosey New Year’s resolutions (which most of us never achieve anyway) and into a proven process for reflecting, dreaming, and then crafting specific, measurable goals. It was a total game-changer for me, and I’m a huge proponent of it. If you’re interested in smart goal-setting (the kind that works!), Michael has a free webinar this Wednesday! It’s called The 10 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making with Goal-Setting–and How to Fix Them.

I’d say it comes down to this…

Goals give structure to our dreams. They require intention; they build in measurements and the beautiful constraints of a timeline. In the end, a dream will only come to fruition if it’s attacked through the lens of a strong goal-setting framework.

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With our goals on paper, I’m so pumped about what 2016 will hold. It’s going to be my best year ever. Will it be yours?

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