The 5 Benefits of a Facebook Fan Page

I get asked all the time about the difference between a Facebook fan page and a Facebook personal profile. Especially for authors or one-person brands, it’s often assumed that a profile page (the kind we all have, even your grandmother) will suffice for business promotion.

I always encourage clients, though, to go with the fan page for professional and marketing purposes. Even if it takes a while to strategically grow that fan page, it will be worth the efforts in the long run.

Here are five benefits of a Facebook fan page:

1. SEO opportunity

Facebook fan pages, unlike personal profile pages, are indexed by search engines. This means that when people search in Google or Yahoo for key terms associated with your business, your fan page might come up in the results. It’s important to optimize all of your social media properties–and in this case, your fan page specifically–with strong keywords. The SEO opportunity alone gives a brand with a Facebook fan page a massive leg up.

2. Unlimited and easy engagement

Facebook profile pages have a friend limit, restricting engagement to 5,000 people. Five thousand might sound like a lot, but it’s important to create your social media properties with growth in mind. Fan pages allow for unlimited fans, which sets you up to handle expansion. As is the case with so many things in life, the level of growth we plan for and dream of is often the level of growth we experience. Don’t limit yourself and shoot too short. Additionally, profile pages mean interested people have to request friendship to interact. Engagement on fan pages, on the other hand, simply requires a one-click “like.”

The level of growth we plan for and dream of is often the level of growth we experience. Click To Tweet

3. Advertising power

I’ve touted the value of Facebook ads over and over. Truly, it’s the best advertising medium on any social platform out there, but there are key differences between Facebook ad options for personal profiles versus fan pages. Advertising that’s centered around a fan page brand and that targets those fans gives you much more reach and influence per dollar than through a personal profile. You can advertise specifically to the people who have clicked “like” on your page. Delivering value directly to the people who have voluntarily expressed interest in what you offer will always yield a high conversion rate.

4. Analytics and insights

A fan page offers a much deeper level of analytical data than a profile page. In a marketing age that talks about data, data, data, there’s no question that audience information is key. Fan pages–unlike personal profiles–offer in-depth insight about the page’s audience demographics. Additionally, they offer data on audience engagement: which posts get the most likes and engagement, what times of day see the most activity, and more.

5. Admin capabilities

Facebook fan pages, unlike personal profiles, offer back-end administration options that are fairly in-depth and allow multiple people to be involved in the page. This is key for companies that have numerous social media staffers running campaigns or for brands that outsource their social strategy to a third party. Within the admin site, you can assign people roles and track work. It’s a key way to allow various players into the site to post and track data in an organized way.

If you have any intention of growing an audience and selling a product or service around a particular brand, take the time to invest in a building a fan page. More and more, social media norms dictate that a “legit” brand lives on a page separate from the owner’s personal profile. Prospective consumers might not be into your Aunt Lucy’s comments about the latest picture of your dogs, but they will be interested in engaging with you in a professional space where you offer valuable content and build a brand relationship.

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