The Church :: The Hope of the World

I get asked all the time about how I got involved with Outreach and what I enjoy most about working here. The first part is a very long journey that I don’t have time to tell you here, but it will come out over time. I can try and answer why I enjoy working here, though.
I’ve grown up in church all of my life and have fallen in love with the church. As Bill Hybels says, it really is the hope of the world. I recently had an interesting conversation with an atheist friend of mine, and it absolutely got me excited about my love for the church all over again. He’s the founder of one of the largest marketing research companies in the country; he’s done work for Google, Wal-Mart, and numerous other large organizations. He was heavily involved with the response to Hurricane Katrina, working with FEMA, the Red Cross, and other organizations that were helping fulfill the needs of the people who were affected by Katrina.

He said that while FEMA, the Red Cross, and other organizations were helping out and having an impact, their impact was small in comparison to that of the Church. It was so great to hear this coming from an atheist. He’s not the kind of guy that throws around these comments lightly. He even said to me, “The Church is the hope of the world.” He observed that, because of the generosity of the local church and through its resources, the Church was able to have a larger and quicker impact than the other organizations dedicated to this kind of service. The Church really shined in his eyes, and it allowed us to have a phenomenal conversation about the purpose of church and how God designed it to be.

We have the pleasure at Outreach to partner with churches to help them share God’s love to their community. We’re able to do that through some incredible resources, including church postcardsbannerschurch campaignsbulletins, and countless other resources available at Outreach.

This is why I love working at Outreach. We have the daily pleasure of serving and helping to resource the “Hope of the World,” the local church.

[This was originally posted on April 21, 2010 on’s blog]